Monday, 24 March 2014

The Best of - The Malaysian Grand Prix

Since 1999, the Sepang circuit in Kuala Lumpur has hosted the Malaysian Grand Prix. The circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke, and was only his second circuit design project after the redevelopment of the A1 Ring in Austria. He has of course gone on to design many other circuits for Formula 1 and other motorsports, whilst the Sepang circuit has produced some absolutely mesmerising races and maintained it's spot on the Formula 1 calendar where other races have come and gone. Across the years of the Malaysian Grand Prix, there has always been one theme that has created much tension here more than anywhere else - the weather.

Last years rain affected Malaysian Grand Prix was an instant classic.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The 2014 Formula 1 Experience

The Australian Grand Prix was the first chance that the spectators had to see and hear the introduction of the new 2014 regulations in full. Pre-season testing beckoned the new exhaust notes in, but the real test would be with 22 of them sat on the grid waiting for the start lights to fade. There has been a divided opinion over the volume of the new engines, headlined by Bernie Ecclestone's regular complaints over the diminished noise from the V6 turbos.

Bernie Ecclestone has certainly voiced his concern about the quieter sound from the 2014 F1 cars.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Mercedes Dominate Season Opener

The 2014 championship is now underway following an exciting first weekend in Australia. There were so many unknowns heading into the race that it would be impossible to say we now have all of the answers after just 1 weekend, but certainly a lot more questions have been answered than raised.

Rosberg and Magnussen got great initial launches from the grid.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Best of - The Australian Grand Prix

For the 17th time in the Formula One World Championship, Australia will host the opening round of the season. The 2014 season is the most hotly anticipated championship for Formula One in its history, and the first race this weekend should be an instant classic. Australia certainly is the best place to get off to a flyer...

Ralf Schumacher's 2002 season starts in spectacular, though short lived, fashion.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

When are the posts coming?

The 2014 season opener is just 1 week away!

I have been a little quiet on my blog lately, last posting in mid-February. I had intended to do 2 more posts about the second and third pre-season tests in Bahrain, as long as a post regarding the Williams - Martini deal and the other news heading into the season next weekend.

The truth is that I would rather I didn't post anything that I have not committed myself and attention to, than brief posts that would not provide a decent or informative read. I could have just posted the results from Bahrain, along with 1 line about each team, but it would not have been news to you having probably seen the same results and a write up on other websites. I like providing my own thoughts, insight and analysis that the main news reports tend to skip past, or are somewhat skewed by what they are allowed to say.

I write these blog posts in my own free time around my full time job, and tomorrow is a very important day in that regards. I have been very busy staying late and making sure all my work is done on time, meaning my reduced free time has been needed to relax and recharge ready for another frantic day. After all my efforts going into tomorrow though, I am feeling less anxious and have got some great ideas going onwards into the 2014 Formula 1 season and beyond!

Keep an eye on this blog for more posts coming soon...