Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Red Bull, Lets Race

Apologies for updating this blog as much as I would like lately, and this is also a compressed post. More soon!

Since the August break, Red Bull have been dominating every race weekend. Our TV coverage has also started to include thermal imaging cameras aimed at the tyres and calibrated to show the temperatures across the contact patch. Gary Anderson has analysed footage of the Red Bull lapping in Korea to assess why the Red Bull is currently a cut above the rest of the field.


It has been no secret for the last couple of years that Red Bull angle their car rake to be lower at the front, but it seems they have found a way to run the car even lower without rubbing away too much of the plank under the car.

One of the reasons for such a short supply of blogs lately, I am in the process of moving home and also writing some other blogs for Lets Race. I have been working here nearly 3 years now as a race instructor, but recently I have also been writing some posts for their own website blog. Of course anything relevant will be posted onto here as well (some posts have already been transferred the other way!) but keep an eye on out as other members of staff add their own posts to the blog also.